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How we work

As a vendor-independent organization, we test all web conferencing services ourselves under real-life conditions. We accept no support or advice from suppliers or other third parties. To qualify for testing, web conferencing and webinar software must be offered as an application service (SaaS) via the Internet (ie, no need to install a server), and must meet our selection criteria. We focus on solutions that enable online collaboration and presentations or trainings in one-to-many scenarios – either via screen sharing, or via a virtual room for document uploads. Tools that also offer video conferencing are marked accordingly in the results overview.

How we select tools for testing

We selected web conferencing and webinar applications based on the following criteria:

  • Services must be popular, ie, in widespread use  
  • Applications must run without you needing your own IT infrastructure and/or IT support team
  • Vendors must let you register online for a free trial account (Mac or PC) that permits web conferences under real-life conditions.
  • Solutions must offer a user interface in English (we award points for additional languages)
  • Price list / licensing information must be available

Important: we do not claim that our selection is either complete or comprehensive. All tests and evaluations are carried out in good faith, and to the best of our abilities. 

How we test

We used the following five-step procedure for all the online meeting tools we tested. All tools were tested in the same test environment, and on the same computers and mobile devices.

  1. Create a test account
  2. Document the initial implementation step-by-step
  3. Perform the first round of tests, based on a standard checklist
  4. Perform the second (and most important) round of tests. This involves road-testing the tools and their breadth of functionality in daily business under real-life conditions
  5. Compare pricing / licensing models, contract costs etc.

Our test criteria

Between mid 2007 and mid 2012, our top two criteria were Usability and Speed of setting up a meeting, which at the time reflected user surveys we conducted as to what were the most important criteria. In 2012 we updated our weightings to reflect a shift in the market; due to the broad availablity of high speed internet, the increased demand for integrated VoIP, integrated phone-based audioconferences and HD video conferencing and the importance of these features the Functionality criterium, where these audio and video functions feature prominently, gained importance at the cost of Meeting setup. Usability is still our number one priority. Any person invited to an online meeting for the first time should be able to handle the software intuitively.

Here is our current weighting list (updated August 2012):

  • Functionality: 25%
  • Usability: 25%
  • Meeting Setup: 10%
  • Software Installation: 5%
  • Cost Transparency: 5%
  • Security: 15%
  • Platform Support: 15%

If you have any queries about the testing procedure, please click here.