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Meet the team

Your vendor-independent web conferencing tester

Meet the people behind www.webconferencing-test.com

Our Team

Marion Krohn: administration, SEO and analysis; based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Our Team

Christian Lankeshofer: coordination and editing of reviews; based in Fairport, NY.

Our Team

Robert Harnischmacher: founder of this site, responsible for strategy and development; based in Frankfurt, Germany.


Introducing Publicare, an online marketing agency based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. We've been using web conference solutions on a day-to-day basis since 2003.

How it all began

As a busy agency with a global client list, we use web conference and webinar tools daily for everything from project management to sales and support. Before selecting our current software, we tested a wide range of web conferencing products. In the process, we discovered there was no vendor-independent website that could provide a quick overview of the leading solutions – and decided to fill the gap ourselves.

Our website is also an experiment in affiliate marketing. Can an affiliate marketing website that exists to serve user needs really be self-financing? We certainly hope so!

Who finances this website?

As the website operator, we are 100% responsible for all investments and all financial risk. To preserve our vendor independence, we finance our website via affiliate partnerships. This means that when a visitor signs up for a free trial of a solution we recommend, we receive a small fee from the vendor. And if the visitor goes on to license the software (affiliate program), we receive a sales commission on top. We evaluate all vendors according to the same neutral criteria – regardless of whether they run an affiliate program or not.

Sales commissions are paid by the vendors, not their subscribers. We receive no percentage of subscription fees for web conferencing accounts.

Not all vendors run affiliate programs. We currently subscribe to affiliate programs with the makers of the following online conference solutions: Citrix, Fastviewer, Implix, Instant Presenter, Microsoft, Mikogo, Omnovia, RHUB, Spreed and Vyew.

Why is this website vendor-independent?

This website was not created on behalf of, or financed by, any of the vendors of the solutions we test. That means we are free to review all products in an objective, independent way. Our editorial team is solely responsible for the content of the website. We are fiercely proud of our independence, and do everything necessary to preserve it. We pay the normal fees for the system we use ourselves (GoToMeeting from Citrix), and transparency is our top priority.

While Citrix has been an agency client from 2002 to 2013 – we provided e-mailing services –, we began using GoToMyPC, the predecessor of GoToMeeting, before they even acquired the company that wrote it. The company that developed and marketed GoToMyPC and GoToMeeting (ie, our original vendor) was Expertcity.

If you have any questions or comments about vendor independence, please use our feedback form.