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Your professional shortlist starts here. Detailed reviews and comparison of all tested web conferencing services, based on more than 80 features & criteria.

How we test

Find out more about our test criteria and testing procedures

Save travel costs – the key to success

Web conferencing can help your company save significant sums of money that can be invested in core tasks. And since they cut carbon emissions as well as travel expenses, everybody benefits

Time is money

With virtual meeting solutions, a two-hour meeting takes just two hours – not one or two days. There are no journeys or overnight stays. And because you can get started right away, discussions and decision-making are smoother and faster too. 

A level playing field

For small and midsize enterprises, online collaboration tools are a great way to communicate with large players on an equal footing. By leveraging the latest technology, your company can show it’s keeping pace with progress – without generating high travel costs. Use our vendor-independent online meeting software comparison to find out which solution meets your needs best.

Which solution suits my company best?

Use our detailed tool comparison to see which web conferencing or webinar solutions would suit your company best. For further information, see this overview of all solutions tested.