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Return-on-investment calculation for online meetings

To gain a true picture of the potential savings offered by the various online meeting solutions, we used the following realistic scenario: Company A, located in New York has a Customer B in Washington D.C. (distance about 200 miles). A has two options for holding meetings with B:

  • Option 1: Travel and hold meeting at customer's site
  • Option 2: Set up an online meeting
Travel time (outward and return journey) 3.0 h
Distance (outward and return journey) 400 miles
Travel expenses US$ 100
Hourly charge for meeting room US$ 15
Average hourly rate US$ 40
Phone costs per minute and participant US$ 0.05
Web conference solution (monthly flatrate) [1] US$ 60


    Option 1
Meeting at customer site
  Option 2
Online Meeting
Number of participants   4   4
Number of participants traveling to venue   2   2
Meeting duration in hours   1.0   1.0
Number of meetings per year   50   50
License costs per month   US$ 0   US$ 60
Cost of time spent traveling (in US$)    US$ 240    US$ 0
Travel expenses (in US$)    US$ 200    US$ 0
Total cost of traveling   US$ 440    US$ 0
Cost of meeting room    US$ 15.00    US$ 0
Cost per online meeting [2]    US$ 0    US$ 14.40
Cost of conference call        US$ 12.00
Total cost per meeting   US$ 455.00    US$ 26.40
Total meeting costs per year    US$ 22,750    US$ 1,320
Annual saving       US$ 21,430
Saving in percentage       94%
Return-on-Investment       1623%

[1] The sum is simply an example and is above the average price of the web conference solutions tested for an individual license per month excluding telephone costs.

[2] The costs per online meeting are calculated from the monthly rental license divided by the number of web conferences per month. The more web conferences carried out per month, the lower the rental license costs per web conference. Note: the more web conferences carried out the larger the variable share of telephone conference costs.