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Online Meeting Software Review
7.53 0 10
1 Stars


Screenshot of join.me in action

Review of join.me

Criterium Rating


Grade F limited range of features (screensharing with transfer of mouse and keyboard control essentially possible)


Grade A easy-to-use

Meeting Setup

Grade F easy launch of ad-hoc meetings possible, no scheduling feature integrated

Software Installation

Grade A easy to install

Cost Transparency

Grade A free-of-charge


Grade E 256-bit AES encoding

Platform Support

Grade A Host requires Windows XP+ or Mac OS X 10.6+, browser based for participants requiring Flash Player 10 or higher. Browsers supported are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Mobile Device Support: Participate using iOS 4.3 and Android 2.3+ (3.0+ to view annotations made by others)
Overall Score 1 Stars 7.53 / 10

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Review updated: Feb 2014