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Online Meeting Software Review
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Blackboard Collaborate Review

Blackboard Collaborate Webconferencing is a web conferencing software that originated from an eLearning environment. This becomes fairly obvious when looking at the range of functionalities offered. To some extent this online meeting service can be utilized for virtual teamwork and online presentations.

In Blackboard Collaborate the organizer can create an online meeting room, which can be used anytime. However, simultaneous web meetings are not possible. The organizer can either invite the participants directly from the website or by providing the link to the virtual room with his or her local email client. What weighs in negatively is that the organizer cannot create a password for a meeting. On the plus side Blackboard Collaborate Webconferencing has integrated VoIP. So there is no need for participants to dial into a conference call.

Bottom line: Blackboard Collaborate Webconferencing is especially useful in the eLearning context – but not so much for online collaboration. Also, the online meeting software does not allow meeting-specific settings as well as limited online meeting access.

Please note that the offered trial version does not encompass the full scope of available features.

Platform Support

Browser based requiring Java. Browsers supported are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Runs on Windows XP or later, runs on Mac 10.6 or higher


No pricing information openly available

License options

Single and multi-user licenses

Voice over IP and phone costs

VoIP integrated. Built-in phone conferencing with NA Enterprise license only.

Criterium Rating


Grade {0} Comprehensive set of features especially for elearning


Grade {0} The numerous functionalities offered make the usage complicated rather than easing the user experience

Meeting Setup

Grade {0} The organizer can initiate a meeting any time.

Software Installation

Grade {0} no additional plug-ins needed

Cost Transparency

Grade {0} No pricing information openly available


Grade {0} Only limited access of different security levels

Platform Support

Grade {0} Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. Mobile Device Support: iOS and Android
Overall Score 1 Stars 6.68 / 10

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Review updated: Mar 2012
Price information updated: Mar 2012