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Online Meeting Software Review
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Screenshot of PGi GlobalMeet in action

PGi GlobalMeet Review

PGi GlobalMeet is a web conferencing service that offers its users all functionalities needed for online collaboration. The meeting host can share his entire screen or single apps and he can also upload documents into the online meeting room and collaborate with participants via whiteboard. The software is very intuitive to use so that non IT experts will feel comfortable with PGi GlobalMeet.

Scheduled web meetings can easily be set up via Outlook. The host can create different meeting rooms in the admin panel and password secure them to ensure that only invited participants are able to access meetings.

The weak point of PGi GlobalMeet is the video functionality. A video conference in which the webcams of all participants are shown simultaneously is not possible. Basically, you can only see one person’s video and with the picture-in-picture option every participant can see his own webcam image in a small window as well.

Registering for the test version was a second negative aspect we discovered. It is very easy – especially in the US – to register for a test version by giving PGi your credit card details. This test version is then automatically transferred into the paid version of the tool after 14 days. It does not really become transparent how the test version can be cancelled which creates a barrier to terminating the account before it is switched to the paid version.

Bottom line: The web conferencing software works well for planned and instant online meetings. Also, it offers all functionalities necessary for virtual collaboration. The downside of this tool is the non-existence of a video conferencing functionality.

Platform Support

Runs on Windows XP/7, runs on Mac OS X 10.5+, Flash Player 10.3+ required for softphone, Browsers supported are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari


(1) Option 1: Online meetings with up 125 participants: US$ 29 per month plus US$ 0.029 per minute and person for audio conference

(2) Option 2: Online meetings with up 125 participants including 1000 audio minutes (for phone conference service): US$ 39 per month

(3) Option 3: Online meetings with up 125 participants including unlimited audio minutes (for phone conference service): US$ 49 per month

License options

Single license for an unlimited number of meetings

Voice over IP and phone costs

Conference call service with local dial-in numbers offered; depending on license option, costs for teleconferencing are covered by monthly subscription fee

Criterium Rating


Grade {0} All essential features are available


Grade {0} Easy-to-use

Meeting Setup

Grade {0} Easily schedule meetings via Outlook

Software Installation

Grade {0} Browser-based solution, installation of Outlook plugin (optional)

Cost Transparency

Grade {0} Pricing and license options are publicly available; cost structure is transparent and easy to understand; Online process of cancelling a trial account is not transparent


Grade {0} 128-bit encryption

Platform Support

Grade {0} Runs browser-based (Flash) on Windows and Mac, Mobile Device Support: iOS and Android
Overall Score 4 Stars 8.84 / 10

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Review updated: Apr 2014
Price information updated: Apr 2012