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Online Meeting Software Review
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Screenshot of InstantPresenter in action

InstantPresenter Review

The web conferencing service offered with InstantPresenter reflects a thoroughly and well-planned structure. This assessment is reflected best by the tools account manager, which allows for intuitive usage. With the account manager meeting hosts can schedule, prepare, and start a vitual meeting. The optional registration form for attendees serves two purposes: On the one hand it increases security and is an additional aid for online meeting reports. On the other hand the feature makes InstantPresenter an ideal program for webinars, which actually is its main focus.

The weaknesses of InstantPresenter come to light when using the screen sharing mode. Control of mouse or keyboard cannot be transferred during a meeting and sharing only selected applications is also not possible. As far as the process of inviting attendees is concerned, InstantPresenter lacks the option of overall integration into local email clients. Moreover, data transmitted during the web conference are not encrypted by default.

Bottom line: InstantPresenter is primarily a webinar software. In areas that are essential to web conferencing, such as screen sharing and integration into local email clients, the program does not measure up to the standards set by the competitors.

Platform Support

Flash Player application (11.x) runs on Windows XP or higher and on Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. Browsers supported are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Presenters do need the latest version of Java


Meetings with up to 25 attendees: USD 39.00 per month; Meetings with up to 50 attendees: USD 59 per rmonth; Meetings with up to 100 attendees: USD 89 per month; Discount of 20% offered for annual subscriptions

License options

Single user license for an unlimited number of web meetings. The maximum possible number of attendees depends on the license.

Voice over IP and phone costs

Only VoIP integrated; a toll-free conference call service can be integrated at USD 0.07 per minute and user

Criterium Rating


Grade {0} Transfer of mouse or keyboard control is not possible in desktop-sharing mode


Grade {0} The solution is well-structured

Meeting Setup

Grade {0} The invitation process cannot be embedded into local email clients

Software Installation

Grade {0} Easy installation

Cost Transparency

Grade {0} Pricing and license options are publicly available; pricing structure is transparent and easy to understand


Grade {0} No official statement regarding encription on the website. An inquiry brought the feedback that Flash Media Tunneling and the manual addition of an “s” to “http” are offered as security features.

Platform Support

Grade {0} Browser based on Windows and Mac
Overall Score 2 Stars 8.09 / 10

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Review updated: Jan 2012
Price information updated: Jan 2012