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omNovia Web Conference
3 Stars


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omNovia Web Conference Review

With omNovia you can host ad-hoc and planned online meetings. The software is best suited for displaying single applications on the host's desktop, presenting previously imported files or using the whiteboard. While presenting documents, the moderator and the attendees can use annotation tools to highlight elements in the presentation. These marking tools are no longer available when the host switches from presenting documents to displaying apps on his computer.

In addition participants can communicate visually via video conferencing. Per default the webcam videos are displayed right below the participants' names. As soon as more than three people activate their webcams not all of them can be displayed. In this scenario the host can adjust the size of the single webcams and arrange them individually on the display.

To schedule a web conference and invite people, the moderator can use the Event Manager. This feature allows the moderator to set up invitation and reminder emails, and to define an event-specific registration process. The Event Manager is particularly suitable for formal web conferences (e.g. webinars) - but a little too complicated for less formal meetings (e.g. with a virtual team). In this case, the moderator may want to install an Outlook plug in to ease and speed up the scheduling process.

Bottom line: omNovia can be classified as webinar tool. Due to its functionalities it is suitable for structured and well-planned web conferences which focus on one-to-many communication. Unfortunatelly the software lacks features for effective interactive collaboration among virtual teams and cannot score with user friendliness.

Platform Support

Browser-based Flash application, runs on Windows XP or later and Mac OS X, requires Flash Player 10.3


Two different pricing models depending on the maximum number of participants:

Event Based Pricing: depends on the number of events and the number of participants

Subscription Based Pricing: monthly fee, that enables to host an unlimited number of events

License options

Single user license (monthly or annual subscription)

Voice over IP and phone costs

Integrated conference call functionality and VoIP

Criterium Rating


Grade {0} All essential features are available


Grade {0} Design of user interface not intuitive, limited availability of help and support functions

Meeting Setup

Grade {0} Meeting setup will be eased after installing the Outlook plugin

Software Installation

Grade {0} Browser-based solution, plugin for screen sharing required

Cost Transparency

Grade {0} Pricing and license options are based on individual needs with no set price available


Grade {0} 128-bit SSL encryption

Platform Support

Grade {0} Available for Windows and Mac, Mobile Device Support: iOS and Android
Overall Score 3 Stars 8.19 / 10

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Review updated: Nov 2013
Price information updated: Nov 2013