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Online Meeting Software Review
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Screenshot of VIA3 Professional Edition in action
Glance  VIA3 Professional Edition

VIA3 Professional Edition Review

VIA3 Professional focuses on online meetings within the VIA3 network. This leads to excellent usability within the network, on the other hand meetings with external contacts need preparation time since all prospective attendees must at least open a VIA3 account.

The online meeting software is easy to use with minor constraints and offers an appropriate choice of functionalities. The so-called “Launch Pad” and the program itself are well-arranged, the icons are self-explanatory and make the software easy to use without having to consult handbooks or plow through FAQs. Marking-tools cannot be used in screen sharing mode and the switching of mouse and keyboard control is rather hard to find.

Bottom line: The usage of VIA3 is quite easy. But the online meeting software has the downside of being available for attendees within the VIA3 network only.

Platform Support

Runs only on Windows Vista, Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or later) or Windows 7


Flatrate: USD 29.99 per month (for each account)

License options

Single license for unlimited meeting

Voice over IP and phone costs

Integrated VoIP

Criterium Rating


Grade {0} All essential functions are available but marking tools are not available in desktop-sharing mode


Grade {0} Usage of the software is very intuitive

Meeting Setup

Grade {0} Easy setup of meetings within the VIA3 network

Software Installation

Grade {0} Software must be downloaded

Cost Transparency

Grade {0} Pricing is publicly available


Grade {0} 128-bit SSL + AES encoding

Platform Support

Grade {0} Runs only on Windows as operating system
Overall Score 1 Stars 7.14 / 10

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Review updated: Jan 2014
Price information updated: Jan 2014